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What is a Backsplash?

A backsplash is what you would find behind your bathroom vanity countertop that helps reduce damage to walls behind your sinks. They also provide a chance to add a personal touch to your bathroom or powder room. Materials range from stone to tile to glass. The possibilities are endless.

While some vanities come with countertops and backsplashes, buying one without them can actually be easier and offer more customization. You can get installation done locally. This provides a chance for you to look at slabs and samples before you choose one you love. In the case of natural stone, computer screens and online photos don’t show a true representation of the piece of stone you’ll actually get. You can also decide on a custom height and choose edge details if you visit a local showroom. If your vanity comes with a

  • countertop
  • but no backsplash, be sure to take pictures or a sample of your countertop when purchasing your backsplash so you can see them side-by-side.

    Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

    Bathroom Vanity Backsplash Ideas

    We do not sell backsplashes as a stand alone item.

    Have you noticed that all of our bathroom vanities are listed as no backsplash included, though some of the images of our vanities clearly shows a backsplash? We want to provide clarification and alternatives.

    When we first started in 2005, many of the manufacturers were offering backsplashes; some were attached, some not. Though every attempt was made to properly package the backsplash for shipping, we (along with many retailers) were experiencing higher than average damage rates to them. When we would ship out a new backsplash, it was nearly impossible that it would arrive intact. And I promise you, we tried everything. A long, narrow piece of stone just doesn’t mix well with any of the freight carriers.

    Because this inevitably ended in a poor experience for our clients, and us, the manufacturers themselves stopped offering backsplashes as an option. We currently offer a limited selection of vanities with a backsplash, but if it is damaged, we will not replace it as it’s nearly impossible to do so.

    Here’s the good news: you’ve got options. Often times, opting for a vanity without a backsplash leads to a more individual, unique design. Simply speaking, your bathroom isn’t going to look like anyone else’s with the same vanity installed.

    Here are a few ideas for creating a backsplash to fit with your bathroom project.

    Bathroom Vanity Styles

    Bathroom vanities come in several popular decorating styles.

    Modern or contemporary vanities have sleek cabinetry, symmetrical elements, unique curves and monochromatic colors.
    Traditional or classic vanities often have furniture-style cabinets, decorative trim, ornate molding and subdued color schemes
    Transitional or cottage vanities have a natural, relaxed and uncomplicated aesthetic.
    Farmhouse or rustic vanities are known for their vintage style, warm wood grains and aged finishes.

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